The “Savvy Candidate”: Millennials and the Pursuit of Career Value

It is now a full 10 years since the financial crash of 2008 but the post-recession psyche not only persists, but has become ingrained for large swathes of the population. Our most recent research into consumer behaviour and attitudes revealed that 61% of UK consumers feel compelled to seek value. The “tightening the belt mindset” has become entrenched. For the majority, the search for value is not a choice but a necessity.

Agreeing KPIs with Your MSP

If you engage with a Managed Services Provider you will want to make sure you are getting maximum value and that the MSP is meeting or exceeding agreed targets. Here we outline the kind of key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should put in place. An MSP that has a passionate commitment to service will help you with the fine detail.
First, a brief summary of why you might want to appoint an MSP, because this determines what KPIs are appropriate.


Irish Gender Pay Gap stands at 20% according to Morgan McKinley study

Thursday 17 November 2016: New research into the Gender Pay Gap in Ireland carried out by Irish owned professional recruitment company Morgan McKinley, in collaboration with salary benchmarking specialist, has found that the average earnings gap in Ireland in 2016 stands at 20%. On average, men working in professional jobs earn €12,500 more than women when bonus and salary are taken into account. When the two are split, the average salary gap stands at 16% while the bonus gap goes up as high as 50%.

The “Secret Sauce” of Talent Pooling

Talent pooling helps you to solve the problem of hiring the hardest-to-find talent. If you are committed to keeping talent acquisition in-house, but are continually driven by the need to hire significant volumes of candidates with business-critical skills, then talent pooling could be just what you are looking for. It involves engaging with professionals who are probably not currently looking for a job, but who should consider your organisation first when they are ready to make a move.

What can you expect from MSP recruitment?

A managed services provider provides a single point of contact for all hiring managers to acquire contingent labour. The MSP streamlines the process, automates the requisition and offers support and guidance to the hiring manager.

Lower overall cost of hiring contingent staff while assuring supply and minimising risk are the key benefits of MSP - delivering them requires a comprehensive service package.

Here is what we believe should be on your checklist for assessing potential MSPs: