Screening: Make It Fair, Focused and Responsive

Screening is the process of checking a candidate’s eligibility for a particular role: an efficient way to reduce a stack of applications to those best qualified for the role. In a globalised job market, pre-screening establishes whether they have the right to live and work in a particular geographical jurisdiction and whether their language skills are good enough. Pre-screening also determines whether candidates have the essential qualifications and experience, and (for example) good communication skills.

Talent Pooling: How to reduce time and cost to hire

If your organisation needs a constant stream of hard-to-find professionals, Talent Pooling provides the solution.

The battle to win top talent continues to intensify. Organisations that have an ongoing need to hire significant volumes of professionals with in-demand business-critical skills, such as actuaries, engineers, compliance officers or cyber security specialists, know this all too well. They are constantly in fire-fighting mode. And the consequence is that they often hire when it is too late, rather than when it matters most.

How Treating Staff as You Do Your Customers Boosts Employee Engagement

Companies offer lucrative pay packets, exciting projects and flexible working practices to attract "the best and the brightest". However, after the thrill of this chase, what is your retention strategy? Will talent simply move on to the next company that woos them with bigger and better pay packets, benefits, responsibilities?


According to, just 30% of the workforce feel engaged in their jobs. Gallup estimates that this costs $500 billion in the US alone.

Target: Recruit the best. But are you hiring into your existing culture?

Hiring Talented People

Organisations are focused on talent, more now than ever before. Retaining talented people is hard enough but recruiting the right person for the job, in what many say is a reducing talent pool, is only getting harder. Talented people can be defined as being professionally qualified to do the job and are


  1. Able to be strategic and operational
  2. Adaptive to change
  3. Able to inspire and motivate