How Treating Staff as You Do Your Customers Boosts Employee Engagement

Companies offer lucrative pay packets, exciting projects and flexible working practices to attract "the best and the brightest". However, after the thrill of this chase, what is your retention strategy? Will talent simply move on to the next company that woos them with bigger and better pay packets, benefits, responsibilities?


According to, just 30% of the workforce feel engaged in their jobs. Gallup estimates that this costs $500 billion in the US alone.

[Video] Inside High Performance Teams webinar

Alan provided key insights and useful 'Positive Psychology' tips for management and team members alike who are looking to improve their team morale, cohesion and performance.

The webinar was formulated around the concepts outlined in Alan’s book, iChange: Invest in Changing Yourself which promotes a 'Solution Turbine model' aimed at enabling professionals to apply the science of positive psychology to enable high performance at a personal, team and organisational level.