Why We are Putting Disability Confidence at the Forefront of Our Business

When you think of diversity and inclusion, disability might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, hiring disabled talent is in everyone’s interest and if it’s not already on your radar, please, please keep reading!


Disabled talent matters

From an HR perspective, disabled talent is a highly skilled, under-represented group and tapping into it doesn’t just have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line – it also genuinely changes lives.

Challenges that Project Recruitment Can Solve

A Project Recruitment service helps organisations to solve urgent or mission-critical challenges that are beyond the reach of their own talent acquisition (TA) teams. This is usually for one of two reasons, either because:

  • They do not have the market  knowledge and understanding to execute their recruitment plans effectively; or
  • They do not have the resources to scale their own recruitment capabilities in line with their hiring requirements.


[Webinar] Emotional Intelligence and High Performance Individuals

Today's world calls for greater authenticity where individual diversity can be leveraged as a strength rather than being seen as something to be stamped out. Imagine the strength of your organisation when everyone feels confident, meaningfully involved, focused and working on what matters most.

Ultimately we are all different so 'a one size fits all' approach to individual, team and leadership development is insufficient.

Building Employee Engagement in an age of Transparency and Feedback Culture [Webinar]

Without investing in your company culture and workforce, you’re seriously handicapping your organisation’s ability to attract and retain great talent, even compete in the employment marketplace.

Not surprisingly, happier, more content workers increase workplace productivity, drive higher company profits and make it easier for their organisation to recruit great talent.

But what inspires those employees to do better work, actively suggest company improvements and become de facto brand ambassadors?

Project Recruitment Explained

In times of heightened recruitment spikes, HR or TA teams often choose to outsource either their entire recruitment process or parts of it, particularly when more specialised skill sets are required. This short-term, results-focused and on-demand assistance is known as a project recruitment. 

In other words, project recruitment is a bespoke recruitment outsourcing service aimed at helping organisations to solve urgent or mission-critical challenges beyond the reach of their own TA or HR teams.

When do companies typically need project recruitment support?


Why Employee Health and Well-being Matters in Business

I had a pleasure of interviewing  Ella Justin, HR Business Partner at Morgan McKinley,who spent the last 10 years working in an HR sector on numerous projects and initiatives. One of Ella's areas of expertise is workplace well-being so I talked to Ella about how well-being is received among the employees in her company and how it can essentially affect the bottom line of the business. 

An Interview with Trayc Keevans: Post Brexit Opportunities and Irish-Canadian Cultural Alignments

Trayc Keevans gives one of the finest fact-filled interviews you will see this year on CBC News Toronto: Post-Brexit opportunities, Morgan McKinley Toronto, cultural alignments between Ireland and Canada, tech and employment news and the Toronto Raptors, all in five minutes!

Many companies around the world have been affected by Brexit and it has created a lot of uncertainty for millions of people; However with every type of large scale change there comes opportunity.